Antonio Imbasciati was Full Professor in Clinical Psychology and Director of the Institute of Clinical Psychology of the Brescia University; he is Full member and Training Analyst of the Italian Psychoanalytical Association. Now he is Professor Emeritus. He took a degree in Medicine and three specializations: in Psychotecnics, in Clinical Psychology and in Infantile Neuropsychiatry. He trained as researcher in the Institute of Psychology of the Milan Catholic University between 1961 and 1971 (University Teacher’s Qualification in 1970), and as psychoanalyst since 1963 within the institutional structures of the Italian Psychoanalytical Society. He works in Milan and Brescia as psychoanalyst, psychotherapist, researcher and University teacher, supervisor and training analyst. More then 300 of his works (66 of which are books) have been published so far. His major works in English are “Constructing a Mind” Brunner & Routledge, London, 2006 and “Mindbrain, Psychoanalytic Institutions and Psychoanalysts”, Karnak, London, 2017.
Short Chronological Autobiography